We offer complete new build, post build, renovation, and under construction cleaning services tailored to each site’s unique requirements. Multi Services Janitorial team members will assist you in designing a unique cleaning strategy and will then implement it fully, delivering to you a complete full-service job, on time, on budget, and meeting all of the agreed objectives and goals.

What are Special Cleaning Projects?

Special cleaning projects fall outside of normal cleaning such as windows, offices, buildings in use, accommodation blocks, but are also not usually emergency hazards such as toxic spills, flooding, accidental spillages, or mold. We tend to break our special projects down into four construction and renovation related types:

New Buildings: The new building is up, everything is installed, decorated, and ready to go, but not quite. Once everything is done, it needs a final clean to make it perfect for the new employees, managers, customers or residents to move in. We provide this better than anybody in the area!

Post Build: You have finished constructing the building, the windows are in place, the walls sturdy, floors ready, but there’s a fine layer of dust. It feels like a building site still. Multi Services Inc. staff are well versed in removing this layer and feeling, putting the final touches to that new building atmosphere.

Under Construction: Within strict health and safety conditions, we are able to step into a construction zone and offer cleaning services as required. Whether this is to deal with hazardous substances or to prepare sites for use, we have the services.

Floor Renovation: Stripped back and ready for a new lease on life. Not all buildings are static objects. We understand this and have trained our staff to help renovation crews strip a building back and provide a clean environment for changes to be made.

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