COVID-19 Disinfection Programs

As states adjust their business guidelines for COVID-19, are you prepared? Our tailored disinfection programs make sure that your business and employees are protected.

We use EPA List N approved products for disinfection programs relating to COVID. Not all products are created equal so we make sure the products we use are approved and properly applied. If you are unsure about any products, we give you that information at your request.

Do you know how your services are done? With Multi Services, you decide what you need, when you need it, and how you need it. Rather it is a comprehensive wipe down or a full-on fogging of your entire building – we got you covered!

Tailored Programs – Made for Peace of Mind

Our programs can be made to suit your building and your current COVID protocol. Here is our general program:

  1. Use of mist/fogging, hospital-grade disinfection spray (PH7Q Dual). After spray is applied, no wiping necessary. Spray is residue-free.
  2. Wipe down of all secondary surfaces such as computer keyboards with disinfectant wipes.

Surfaces included but not limited to:

  • All work surfaces – cleared desks, counters, tables, and chairs/chair arms.
  • Door handles and light switches.
  • Break room counters, sinks, faucet handles, microwave handles/buttons, refrigerator handles, vending machine handles and facings.
  • Copy machine and printer surfaces.
  • Stairway handrails
  • Restroom counters, door handles, sinks, partitions, all fixtures, and dispenser surfaces.
  • Elevator cab push buttons inside and out (if applicable).

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